Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Friday in Deutschland!

So Friday was quite a whirlwind day.  As well as various bits of wedding prep, with almost all the guests arriving and needing to be shown around, there was lots of food and drink to indulge in (unsurprisingly!)
The Maier family were our lovely hosts for the weekend.  We send a thousand thank yous to Kerstin's parents, Werner and Zita for such a fabulous time!
Joe and my brother Michael started the Friday with a healthy run.  Poor Michael struggled a little with the heat and being out of practice - so horrible Joe took a picture and put it on the internet!  But Michael is doing the Edinburgh marathon too so better get training!
Breakfastin the Maier household is a real treat.  Somehow, people in Europe triumph at breakfasts.  I think we need to expand our repetoire a bit, because here we had an amazing seeded muesli, pretzels (the bread, not the snack), croissants, yummy breads, honey, cheeses, meats...awesome.
The breakfast table - spot the multiple milks - 1 especially for coffee, 1 long life, and 1 for us fussy brits!
bakery treats from the bakery 30 seconds away - and my first ever proper pretzel!
One of three honeys on the table - and very nice too!
Milk for the fussy brits!
After a small break, which somehow for me involved ironing a lot of shirts for the wedding and a lovely tour of the Maier business, we were treated to a Greek lunch.  The Maiers have a brilliant housekeeper who makes the most amazing food.  In Germany, they have the main meal for the day at lunchtime.  Everything is done a little earlier - people start work at 7/7.30, break for lunch at 12 and then a small cold meal in the evening.  It takes some getting used to but I'm assured it's much better for you - so roll on the big lunches!

Joe's plate with moussaka, salad, rice and spatzle, a German speciality
The Maiers, the Barcrofts and the Prasads for lunch (addition: I have had to add me in as a Rees as I was missed off by my fiancee!!!)
Weiss Beer for lunch - ok then, if you insist!
Kataifi, a dessert made with speciality dough, honey and nuts.  There are a multitude of varieties, from Turkey, Greece and Egypt (amongst other places).  This was a gift and very welcome!
Our lovely host Werner with the kataifi - look how little we got through! Pathetic!
Werner and Zita's amazing coffee machine.  Joe is now desperate to get one - some day maybe!
The resulting espressos - brilliant
Kerstin put up a Scotish flag to welcome us - this is my fave picture of the holiday!
Kerstin's aunt and uncle, Ingeborg and Bruno - Joe's new best friend
In the evening, after getting everyone checked in to the hotel, we all went to a brewery beer garden on the bank of the Danube in Ulm.  A brilliant place to spend the evening with lots of beers and some great wine (not so typical of the region either!)
Me and Kerstin's dad, Werner, sharing some drinks
Chicken and chips - not very traditional for the region but really good!
Werner's much more typical dinner - I think it is a meat jelly with vegetables and pork.  It sounds really weird, but think of it like the contents of a pork pie.  Joe and I also both tasted it and it was really nice! Don't think my tastes are advanced enough for a whole plate though...
Our venue for the evening

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