Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Monday and Tuesday - a b@stard journey home!!!!

Ok, so there had been a couple of hitches over the wedding days. Things like Michael arriving in Germany with odd shoes, the car keys getting locked in the car boot, the bus crash and the best man (Colin) missing his flight after his late evening with the dwarfs as mentioned in the Thursday post.

But taking this all into consideration, we were expecting a pretty straight forward journey home, even though we were flying Ryanair and had to make our way back from Stansted airport to Leeds.


The day started well with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a typically big German lunch - this was traditional Swabian stuff. Considering the challenges we faced later, it was good thing we fueled up.
Luke and Tom chilling
Tomato sauce
We think pork and something else - was good though - Joe had seconds
Fried mince ball (or something like that)

We have forgotten the name of this - braised peas and other veg
Followed by a "small" selection of the wedding cakes
As we packed up and said our goodbyes, it was a drive to the airport for a 3.30pm flight. We were through baggage check quickly, and heading up the stairs when the the tannoy said there would be a 5 hours delay on our flight....5 HOURS!!!!!

This was bad news for us, but there were around 15 of us at the airport from the wedding including some with small kids!! Disaster...the only saving grace (and it was  a pretty big one) was that it was over 30 degrees, with an outdoor area and lots of fine German beers - a bit like a beer garden really!

Grumpy Joe with a beer in hand
Olivier with food in mouth. A close up below of his sandwich
White pudding sausage
Cousin Tom reading 'How to be a women' - hmmmm
Eventually we boarded at 8.40pm with our travel plans in tatters. Our train was booked from Kings Cross to Leeds at 7.30pm which we had well and truly missed, and there was mild panic over what our travel insurance would cover, not to mention how we would get home at 11pm!
Kind Auntie Anne took pity on us, and offered us a bed in Cambridge, with a plan that we would jump on the train in Cambridge at 6.57am (see below), change at Stevenage and then head to Leeds.  The tickets were £100 each but at least we would be going home....or so we thought!

Cambridge train station
See picture above of a station that we hadn't factored into the journey home. We arrived at Stevenage, only to discover that the b@stard Leeds train had been cancelled!!! CCTV would have caught me frantically running up and down stairs with two bags and a kilt trying to find the platform for the Peterborough train where we would change for Leeds - I wasn't holding out much hope!
We eventually got in to Leeds train station. We both had to head straight to work, shattered but delighted to be back on home soil!!! We are a little out of pocket at the moment, but it was worth the journey as the previous few days had been outstanding!!
This was Tuesday nights dinner - egg and beans on toast then an early night!

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