Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Thursday - Dinner

After some relaxation time on Thursday, we headed out for dinner at the local restaurant which was at the end of the Maier's road where we were reliably informed served local Swabian delights.
Where we ate

Jo with Dad and Tom
Jo with mum
Salad bars seem to be a big thing in this area.  They feature lots of lightly pickled foods, like potato salad, which is some sort of potato in vinegar thing, rather than the UK version.  Also a variety of grated cabbages in a light pickle dressing, grated carrots and so on. 
This is Jo's main course, which was a plate of Swabian dishes.
Spaetzle with cheese on the left and pork in a mushroom sauce on the right.  The Spaetzle was a bit like macaroni cheese, but a bit lighter - I think Jo was more of a fan than her dad though who thinks macaroni cheese is the food of the devil! The thing in the middle is Maultaschen. They are said to have been invented by bored cooks during Lent, to hide ground pork in spinach and a doughy shell when they weren't meant to be eating meat. The dish is so common around Stuttgart it has spawned the insult Maultaschenfresser (fressen means to eat like an animal), hurled at Swabians, for example during sporting events.
Schwein in mushroom sauce and potato croquettes
This was mine (Joe's) - Spaetzle and pork. It was good but I did have food envy over Jo's food!

The mothers-in-law to be on the way home after eating

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