Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saturday - The Wedding Day

We woke up early as the bells in the hotel village ding-donged at 6am! We managed to get to sleep for an hour or so, until the excitement of the day got us up and out to breakfast - we both loved it! Buffet style with loads of choice with a favorite being the muesli with a selection of toppings. By this time my diet had gone out of the window so it was nice to get some fruit and nut goodness in me.
Selection of muesli toppings
A filled bowl

Joe and the London bus driver. The bus was hired to take friends and family to the wedding and take them to the reception at the hotel after - a great touch.
Joe in his kilt that he was very excited about wearing!
A great looking Jo in a fab 70's style hat. The wedding had awesome views like this one into the valley
Joe and Braveheart (aka Cousin Allan - more pictures of him to come)
The happily married couple - congratulations!
Canape One - mini quiche
Canape two - smoked salmon baskets (Jo's fave)
Canape three - a basket of lentils, quail's egg and caviar
Canape four - spinach and smoked salmon roll
Joe and Number Seven aka Rudi in his brilliant Bavarian dress
Brother and sister Barcroft
The Scottish clan (with two English interlopers)
Jo and Joe's new best friend Bruno - "come here baby!"
The beautiful bride - Kerstin
The Swabian waiting staff in their dirndls
One of approximately 20 cakes for afternoon tea - we were treated well!
Allan and his first stein - a litre of beer! The first of quite a few!
A quick change for the evening
Mustard soup - which I now need a recipe for!
Zita and Werner - relaxing after the hard bit was over!
Main course 1 - seabass in a white wine sauce (there was an intervening salad course)
Main course 2 - pork in a cream sauce
The dessert spread, including panne cotta, white chocolate mousse and apple fritters
The piece de resistance - the cheese cake!  This is one of the best things I have seen at a wedding, with about 10 varieties of cheese and brilliant homemade chutneys made by Alan and Lucy.  I particularly recommend the peach!
Cousin Rosie - our biggest fan - scoffing the cheese.
Following food was ceilidh dancing until 1am.  Jo did quite the sterling effort, keeping her heels on and dancing all night until the finish!  Joe boy wimped out - needs to get his dancing feet going - his brain can't process all the "complicated" steps!...

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Anonymous said...

Love the new background :-) Sorry to hear about your awful morning on Tuesday after our delay on Monday...blasted public transport! Still love the blog :-)
P.S. Please remove that awful picture of me... :-)