Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sunday -The day after

So after all the excitement of the wedding, Sunday was a day to relax and take it easy.  Some of the wedding revellers had managed to stay up until 5am, including the groom, which was quite good going given the festivities had started at 10am the previous day!  We were a touch more sensible and hit the hay around 1.30.

On Sunday my poor feet were wrecked after all the dancing so I was hobbling about the place being a bit pathetic and tired (more 6am bells!).  We decided to grab a couple of coffees at the hotel and received the best presented coffees I have ever seen!  Individual trays filled with coffee beans, really good espresso, sparkling water and whipped cream.  Definitely not the usual starbucks!
The fancy coffee.  After this, Joe insisted we buy one of the espresso cups to add to our collection.
We decided to grab a "small" lunch in Ulm at this cafe, which was next door to the icecream place.  Ulm has a plethora of places to eat and drink but this one was great for people watching.
We both went for the American salad, which comes complete with turkey, bacon and prawns (odd) and lots of salad.  I went for a small, and Joe for a big - definitely eyes bigger than his belly!
A close up shot of the salad.  Joe was defeated pretty quickly - what a big girl.
Me resting my feet by the Danube in Ulm.  It was so hot on the Sunday that I was tempted to go swimming!
When we went to Paris recently, we saw that Pont Neuf is covered in engraved love padlocks, which I thought was such a lovely idea.  Imagine our surprise when we saw the same thing on a bridge in Ulm - it's obviously spreading!
The love locks.

In the afternoon we went on a boat trip up the Danube.  The Danube is Europe's second biggest river (after the Volga in Russia). It starts in the Black Forest in Germany and flows south through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine (and some more, but poor Anna Prasad was trying to be a tour guide and a translator at the same time so I lost this bit - thanks Anna though - v good job!)  It was a good way to see more of the area and very pretty - although check out all the Scots hiding under their umbrellas!
After all of his steins on Saturday, Cousin Allan was feeling a bit delicate.
Dinner was at an Italian in Ulm.  We commandeered all of the outside tables and rearranged them for the group festivities.  I'm not sure how pleased the staff were but we had fun!
The first drinks round.  When in Germany....
My pizza - spicy pepperoni - a classic!
Joe on the other hand went for the fusion option - a sushi pizza!  It makes no sense to me and Joe had some real food envy for my classic choice.
The remaining members of the wedding party enjoying some Italian treats
An action shot - not sure about this being on the blog as I look seriously sleep deprived, but it is a food blog...
Joe's action shot.  What you don't see is that he has actually shoved half the pizza in there.

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